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Canidwiki is a site for all your information needs on wild and domestic canids (canines). This wiki features articles only on species and subspecies of wilddogs, domestic dog breeds, feral dog types such as the Carolina Dog and New Guinea Singing Dog, designer dogs, and canine cross species such as coywolves, coydogs, wolfdogs, and Sulimov dogs.


What is a canid? Canid is another name for any animal that is related to dogs and dogs themselves. They can also be known as canines, but canids is the more scientific term. Canids include wolves, jackals, coyotes, domestic dogs, foxes, and more. Some species are commonly mistaken for canids, but are actually not related to dogs, such as Brown Hyenas, Striped Hyenas, Spotted Hyenas, Aardwolves, and the extinct Tasmanian Wolf. These species do look somewhat dog-like and it is easy to see how Tasmanian Wolves and Aardwolves' names are misleading. For good measure, we've include articles on these "false canines" as we call them.

Also, please be patient with us as our site is still under construction.

Note: Please contribute a photo if you can. We are unable to find free-use photos of many subspecies, the Lupo Italiano dog breed, the Wolamute(malamute/timber wolf cross) designer dog breed, Pale fox, and Ruppell's Fox. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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